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What's for?

Using Operational Excellence as an Strategic Weapon

(J.K.Liker. Toyota Way 2004)

This sentence summarize what Lean Philosophy would bring to all companies who wants to achieve the World Class Excelence in their respective field of business.



100% Quality Processes

The Total Quality Management methodology with the clear target of a 100% Quality Products and services. A complete set of methods and tools to assure this result includes preventive, detective and correction strategies or a combination of those three approaches


People and Lean

100% Connected People

To get sustainability on a general lean transformation or for any of the three main aspects: Quality, Costs and Time to Market is important to involved the customer organization transforming it in a Kaizen organization that look for the creation value activities of the company and contributes all the expertness that the employees and workers hoard in their Jobs to improve continuously the condition of the products/services and the processes they are responsible for.

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