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Workplace Organization (5S, MTM) TPM

The craft of art direction and power of ideas. The craft of art direction and power of ideas.

100% Efficient Processes

R esuming all the process steps to those that really bring functionality to the products and services and that the customer pays for.

CSCM has the know-how and expertness to help your company in the pursuit of this ambitious target, that mustl start by the design of the product/service and will last its entire life. QFD, DFMA for the Product/Service development Programs. Optimum possible technology and organization of the workplaces, together with an efficient method for defining the workstandards will lead to the achieving of this ambitiuous goal of our customers. 5S, MTM,together with Visual management tools are the methodologies we offer to improve the performance of your company.

The optimum maintenance condition of the process equipment and the workstations is a key factor to assure the performance of the facilities. For specially critical facilities at the company processes because of: bottleneck situation, quality critical characteristics for the product, critical for the security of the facility od for the personnel. We in CSCM have experience in the design and implementation of TPM programs adapted to your company.

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Carlos Calvo

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